The Renaissance of Rejuvenation Biotechnology

This article lists recent entrants into the anti-aging biotechnology sector (including Google and J. Craig Venter); the SENS Research Foundation framework for combating aging as described by Aubrey de Grey, PhD; and recent advances in molecular biology aimed at attenuating the underlying molecular mechanisms of aging.

[I wrote this article for the Longevity Reporter, where you can read it in full.]



Biochemist Dr. Bruce Ames: Acetylcarnitine and Lipoic Acid for Mitochondrion Rejuvenation

Bruce Ames, PhD

Dr. Bruce Ames, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at UC Berkeley, has highlighted two useful rejuvenation molecules: acetyl-carnitine (ALC) and lipoic acid (LA).

At age 86, and still conducting research (he takes these two compounds, perhaps others), Ames may be the most celebrated biochemist alive. He invented the famous Ames test of mutagenicity and has won of the National Medal of Science and Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal.

A proponent of the salutary effects of natural products in foods, Ames has demonstrated that ALC and LA, alone but especially in combination, dramatically reduce mitochondrial dysfunction, cognitive decline and other measures of aging in model organisms.

Original Citation:

Ames, Bruce and Liu, Jiankang (2004). Delaying the Mitochondrial Decay of Aging with Acetylcarnitine. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1033: 108–116.



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